10 tips for mental & emotional well-being during lockdown

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” Viktor E. Frankl

As we face an extended lockdown to tackle the global pandemic of COVID-19, the most useful thing most of us can do is stay at home but thats not necessarily the blissful staycation we first thought. Here are some simple tips for making your well-being a priority..

1. Re-imagine the daily commute

Our commute is often the time that helps us clear our minds before and after a busy day of work. Whatever time you use to allocate to this journey, don’t lose it as it will mentally set you up for a great day.  Why not join our JO&GYM 30 day yoga challenge with a pose a day and a full flow every Friday –  #FridayflowwithJO

2. Make a daily schedule

Plan your day and build in breaks throughout the day for a bit of thinking-space to avoid burnout and to give your eyes a break from the screen. In the office it’s those ‘water cooler’ moments that ensure we get time away from our desks. Why not schedule a walk and some fresh air each day (only once a day of course).

3. Keep the house tidy

Now that we are all getting used to working from home, or living at work as a friend termed it,  make sure you keep your new office clean and tidy. Keep on top of the simple things like putting clothes away in their place, tidying cushions on the sofa, clearing the coffee table, and allowing time after lunch to wash the dishes (or at least load the dishwasher!). A tidy office can help keep the mind free for a productive day at work.

4. Drink herbal tea

The coffee machine can be a little too close if you’re now working from the kitchen table and it can be very tempting to double-down on your usual intake of smooth coffee. Mix it up with Peppermint and other herbal teas to save yourself from caffeine overload, it will help keep you hydrated too!

5.  Up your cooking game

Let’s face it – we are all spending large parts of our day checking the cupboards thinking about what to have for breakfast, what to snack on, what to have for lunch, what to snack on, and lastly what to have for dinner then what to snack on…repeat.To save on some of the thinking time over dinner and to ensure you’re eating a quality meal, why not try to plan your grocery shop to recipes from a cookbook. Spend more time cooking the tasty recipes together, making eating dinner feel more of an event each evening.

6. Try out alcohol-free beer

It seems we’re all on the count down until happy hour begins each night. Not to stand in the way of good wine, beer, gin, and all those other wonderful spirits which are all to be enjoyed, but to help provide a little bit of balance, why not try a low alcohol alternative – Brew Dog and Seedlip are some of the leaders in this space. 

7. Build a support team

We can sometimes take for granted the human interactions we have on a daily basis but the last few weeks have shown just how important they are. Any successful individual needs a good team around them, so take time (when you look at your schedule) to factor in keeping in touch regularly with friends and family. Why not use What’s App groups to keep them updated on your activities to inspire each other and make everyone stronger for it. 

8. Read and Reap

Although it’s tempting to load up on streaming accounts, the only benefit from watching seven episodes of Tiger King is an extra point at the next Zoom quiz night. Why not seize the chance to tackle those books that have been on your reading list? It gets you away from staring at another screen for a few hours, and you might uncover an incredible story or learn new things.  We’ve tapped into Sheer Luxe’s latest recommendations here – 11 Long Books To Read During Lockdown

9. Make room for some fun

It’s easy to just get into a routine of exercise, work, eat, sleep, repeat, but how about making some room for a little fun?! Smiling in itself is proven to improve your mood, so try and go one step further and make yourself and those you live with laugh each day – using your Memoji for FaceTime calls with friends, learning a new dance on TikTok, or simply playing bananagrams, be conscious that we all need a little joy in our lives, even in the darkest of times.

10. Stay positive 

Let’s face it, we are in the middle of a global pandemic and it is easy to be overwhelmed by everything that is going on around us. But despite the current predicament, there are reasons to be positive. After all, what other choice do we have?! 

Stay safe x

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