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Active in the office – 10 ways to active living with an office job

Just doing things…that’s what active living is about.  PBs or not, get your body moving and your mind will thank you for it.  Here are our top ten tips for building that into your day-to-day:

1. Kick start your morning

No snoozing, use that extra 15 minutes you would have snoozed to get the blood pumping with a…..

2. Pre-breakfast workout

Whether is a few sun salutations in the lounge or a brisk morning jog, get it in before tea and toast

3. Take a walk at lunch

Something we’re all guilty of, but not only will it give your legs a stretch, it will save you from crumbs in your keyboard too!

4. Take the stairs

Officially THE easiest way to clock up the steps

5. Stand up and stretch

Take the opportunity to stand-up and stretch when you grab a coffee or refill on water. You could even take it to walking meetings… These little 2 or 3 minute breaks every 30 minutes help increase your energy levels and productivity – win, win.

5. Plan an effective commute

Explore your route to and from work for new gyms or studios with new taster offers or an open space like a park to throw in some burpees

6. Plan ahead for weather

We’re refusing to call it bad weather, the right layers and fabrics will keep you warm/cool/dry depending on the forecast so walking, running or even skipping to and from work is possible – Discover our range of outwear right here.

8. Book in classes with friends

Fitness with friends is a no brainer.  Rather than just the catch up after work, try out a new class together first.

9. Follow the four day rule

Don’t let four days go past without being active, momentum and lifestyle changes are more important that epic workouts that leave you unable to move for days!

10. Sign up to an event

Next time your concentration is wavering at your computer, use that time to sign up to your next event. We’re spoilt for choice in the UK with something to suit everybody. Having an event in the diary, from a 5k, tough mudder or olympic triathlon, keeps you honest with a opt-in active lifestyle. Check out what’s happening near you.

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