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Finding your flow

It doesn’t matter what you look like, only how you feel.

Whether you love your lycra, you’re happy in hemp, a sporter of short shorts or fond of a fisherman’s trouser, wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t limit the way you want to move is where it’s at. 

That being said, let’s hear it for leggings: to my mind possibly the only thing more perfectly suited to practising in than a loin cloth.  I lived gratefully on hand-me-down gear until JO&GYM’s very own Sophie Lecocq gifted me a pair that fit like a second skin, you know the ones I mean, that special pair that make you feel like a super hero and are a total game changer!  Just like yoga poses, it doesn’t matter what you look like, only how it makes you feel.

Three girls in yogawear doing handstands in a studio

As for your physical practise:


Any time.  I like a slow yin-esque stretchy morning practise then an invigorating flow later in the day and what I do in each depends entirely on what I feel my body wants in that moment.  Teach yourself to trust your body, it will always let you know what’s needed.


Anywhere.  By all means have your mat as your special place but also know that your practise will be no less without it.  In class, under a bus shelter, on your Nan’s living room floor, at your desk or on top of a mountain…your flow is everywhere, it’s just waiting for you to tune in.


Because you can.  You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself (said the incredibly insightful Alan Watts) and I dare you to be more present and make your life extraordinary.  

A woman in a sports bra sitting with her eyes closed and her hands in prayer on a gym mat

The worst lie we tell ourselves is that we don’t have enough time, particularly when it comes to exercising, cooking and getting enough sleep.

  Your body is the temple to your soul, to keep it running well is the best way you can worship yourself.  You don’t need three course meals, back-to-back hot power classes and 8 solid hours kip for a successful day but a little meditation before your practise, an little longer to prepare a healthy meal and a little less screen time are perfect places to start.  Yeah I know, we’ve heard it all before…so why don’t we do it?  The more quality time you make for yourself, the more quality time you’ll find you have for everything else. Trust me.

Yoga is a very effective framework for returning to ourselves, for waking up from the daydream state that we inhabit through most of our life” ~ Yoga Like Water

Guest written by Emilie-Jane Lecocq xx

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