The place for pre-loved activewear in great condition, looking for a second home.

The clothing industry has a huge impact on the environment and often with activewear it’s only once you’ve sweat-tested it that you know if it definitely is….or isn’t…for you…’Do the leggings sit just right while you run?’ ‘Does the top move well through your vinyasa?’ ‘Can the crop provide the perfect balance of support and still let you breathe?!’

It’s not until you’ve put the kit through it’s paces that you know if you’re a match and by that time, the labels are off and a return is no longer an option. The item would be destined for the back of the wardrobe or maybe handed over to a friend…but what if that kit gets the chance to be ‘just right’ for someone else?

If you have an item that you’d like to resell – dm us @joandgymsecondlove or email at [email protected]