LoveFit Festival 2019

We came. It rained. We conquered!

Set in the woods of the St Clere Estate in Kent, LoveFit Festival is not your standard fitness event. It’s not about a sleek getting-ready-station full of GHD’s latest gadgets or a state of the art screens tracking your heart rate – LoveFit combines festival adventure with workout euphoria. It’s not hugely dissimilar to a children’s’ woodland playground except with gin and tonics.

Getting there

Our LoveFit Festival weekend started with a 1h 20 ‘road trip’ out of south London loaded up with pretty much all the activewear we own and snacks. The weather wasn’t good. Rain was forecast all Friday afternoon and most of Saturday but with our AirBnB booked and our first weekend away all together in about a decade we were staying positive.


Quick drop off at said AirBnB, we headed to the LoveFit Festival site for our first few classes. Walking the path from the entrance through the woods to the festival’s main arena quickly washed away the city grime of hustle and bustle and the classes began…

Noga founder Chiara getting the hang of the hoop in our favourite snake print leggings
  • Aerial Hoop – if I suddenly go off radar, it’s because I’ve runaway with the circus! The team at @gymboxofficial quickly took us to new heights in positions I didn’t know were humanly possible, all whilst dangling from a suspended hoop. What we lacked in skill, instructor @hattie.grover more than made up for in enthusiasm and she made us feel like dazzling performers in her LoveFit extraordinaire. Even with a hoop between your legs and abs on fire, the show must go on (and we wanted it to too!)
  • Forest Gym HIIT – as my hands sunk into the mud and the raindrops dripped from the trees on to my head I had a moment of doubt “what are we doing here?!” but @SwedishPTGirl didn’t let that thought linger for long. Full of burpees, squat jumps and press ups, this session threw us straight into pushing ourselves whilst embracing the outdoors – exactly what it said on the tin.


  • Rabble – this is too much fun.  ‘the Hunger Games’, ‘Man Hunt’ and ‘Dodgeball’, just to name a few of the activities these guys offered, all wonderfully orchestrated by the fantastic Sam- big shout out Sam.  With the tag line of ‘Have fun. Get Fit’ these guys have their priorities straight turning your normal workout into adrenaline-fuelled games. They have locations all over the UK – check them out here –
Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Volleyball – the perfect all-abilities-welcome game.  It was heated, it saw volleyball moves never witnessed before in the professional game, but it reminded me that fitness and workouts don’t need to be solo endeavour. Sometime it might not even feel like you’re working out.
  • Broga – a serious combo of yoga and cardio. The words ‘well that was a shit show’ from our instructor as we tried to coordinate as a class through a particular flow had us giggling like school children. Broga offered us a pretty challenging session as it combined traditional yoga with effective, high energy toning workouts –
Hanging out…in Nubyen Leggings
  • False Grip – a mixture between CrossFit and Men’s Gymnastics, we should’ve known this rings class would be hard but fooled by the ease in which the instructors manoeuvred themselves, we jumped on up rather optimistically. We learnt various holds which was a fun challenge but putting any of the movements together was near impossible. Note to self: master muscle ups for next year!

Our awesome Sunday morning instructor Aliye
  • Farm Fitness – if I could I would live on this Farm!  We progressed through 4 stations as a team. The blocks had us traversing (yes actually traversing) a cargo net, clambering over fences, heaving logs and oh, the assault bikes. They also had us laughing with our team mates, cheering on people we’d just met and try out moves and weights we’d never usual reach for in the gym. All of this under the watchful and shouty eye of the Farm Fitness team. It combined all the things I love – a little teamwork, a tad of competition, a personal challenge and the chance to try something new.  –
  • The Sanctuary Hot Tubs – one of those moments when you really can’t complain. Sitting back in the wood-fired hot tubs taking in the dusk skies with a glass of fizz in hand.
  • DJ – finishing the evening, after drying off by the fire pit, dancing to old school garage, surrounded by smiling sweaty faces. We missed the DJ the first night, (we ordered a fantastic curry and sat in our pyjamas) but my reliable sources tell me it was awesome. I’m a little sad we were too wussy for the rain because that’s what tells me we’re nearly 30!


  • Farm Fitness again….couldn’t resist. Met more fabulous people, faffed around with more heavy logs and gave our all to a static assault bike.
  • Another_Space Canopy – Cycle 2 Yoga : Now this for me encompassed LoveFit Festival. Twenty minutes spinning our little legs off whilst the sunlight shone through the trees. Then we were hopping off and heading to a clearing for a well deserved yoga flow. Nothing beats stretching up, looking to your hands and seeing the sky at your fingers tips. Could you feel more zen. Studios in London –
Another_Space Cycle 2 Yoga
  • Oh, then some more volleyball.

The food was scrummy. There were a couple more food stalls than last year and a delicious vegan burger (I really mean it because I’m not even vegan) from @greenboxfoodco. Also this sensational & outrageously creamy soft serve ice cream made from almonds and cashews from Dáppa @getdappa.

We saw hen dos, squeaky clean day guests and glitter encrusted weekend campers at LoveFit Festival 2019. All in all it was a fantastic weekend of high energy, loud laughter, new experiences and old school tunes.

Beaut. See you there next year!

Sophie x

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