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Meet the Brand – FittaMamma – Activewear designed for a confident active pregnancy

Maternity workout clothes to boost your confidence

Feeling good about what you wear and how you look when you exercise can make a real difference to your attitude to working out.  What’s more, investing in the right gear can be a genuine motivator to staying fit.

Which is even more important when you’re exercising during pregnancy.

FittaMamma maternity fitnesswear was conceived to meet the needs of women who choose to do the best possible thing for themselves and their baby and continue to exercise during their pregnancy.  Designed specifically for fit pregnant women, it looks good so you have the confidence to work out right throughout their pregnancy.  More importantly this is gymwear that supports and holds where you need it, keeping your bump secure, your back strong and giving added control for your boobs.


But it’s not just the comfort and support.  Working out during pregnancy can raise other issues as well.

In the first trimester, before it’s really obvious, it’s that unspoken question….  ‘Has she put on a bit of weight?’  And later on, when it’s perfectly clear that you’re pregnant and exercising, it can be more about ‘should you be doing that when you’re pregnant?’  It’s surprising how many well-intentioned and ill-informed people have a view as to just what you can and should do when it comes to pregnancy exercise.

The FittaMamma slogan tops were developed in response to demand from fit pregnant women who wanted to make it perfectly clear that they were a) pregnant and b) proud of their fit pregnancy.

FittaMamma say, ‘We want to give a massive confidence boost to women who choose to stay fit during their pregnancy.  We want to make them feel proud to be doing the best possible thing for themselves and their baby….and encourage them to shout about it!!!  The very fact that our clothes exist provides an added level of reassurance that it’s safe and beneficial to exercise during pregnancy ….but adding an inspirational slogan helps convey the message to other people too.’

FittaMamma’s ‘Pregnant Not Powerless’ campaign was conceived to change some of the attitudes around pregnancy exercise.  So many women commented that they’d been the recipients of negative comment about their fit pregnancy they responded with a maternity exercise vest that made it clear that pregnancy does not render you useless for lifting anything heavier than glass of sparkling water.

More recently FittaMamma have introduced the new MOM exercise vests ….Made of Muscle. Aimed at women who are strong, proud and a mother!  Perfect to wear during pregnancy and after your baby is born – the vests will hug and support your baby bump and regain their shape after you’ve had your baby so you can wear them for postnatal exercise too.

Check out the ‘Running Buddy’ and ‘Workout Buddy’ exercise vests designed for pregnant women who expect to stay fit during their pregnancy and anticipate exercising with their baby after it’s born.

‘Like a Mother’ –  was the winner in a competition voting for the most popular designs for the new inspirational maternity and postnatal exercise vests.  Active mothers raise active families, and who doesn’t want to be a positive role model for their children?


And we love the  Fit Baby workout support top – available with a matching Fit Baby vest for your little one!

When the fitnesswear you loved pre-baby doesn’t fit properly any more don’t feel compelled to ‘just make do’. It really does make sense to work out in clothes that not only significantly improve your comfort and provide support where you need it….. but make you feel good about wearing them too!

Explore FittaMamma range on JO&GYM here.

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