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Meet the Brand – OHMME – eco-friendly men’s activewear offering true freedom of movement

OHMME is a disruptor activewear brand that’s revolutionising the fashion industry with their high-tech fabrics. OHMME was founded in 2015 by Ashtanga practitioner, Louis d’Origny. Louis had a vision for a new kind of men’s apparel: eco-friendly activewear that offers true freedom of movement without sacrificing style. OHMME is dedicated to making it easier for guys everywhere to move freely, comfortably, and stylishly, no matter what activity they practice.


OHMME’s deep interest in the health of the planet means you can be sure it’s finding the most innovative, ethical and honest means of producing your clothes.

OHMME creates premium activewear for men, using sustainable production methods and high-performance materials. Its garments are inspired by the movements, ideas and philosophy of yoga with OHMME’s unique twist, making apparel that’s ideal for all types of activities using the very best sweat-wicking and anti-microbial materials whilst reducing the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Its fabrics go through strict tests to certify them with bluesign® and GREEN DEFENCE – meaning its garments meet the highest environmental standards in the industry. GREEN DEFENCE is a patented, revolutionary, anti-bacterial technology that integrates natural ingredients such as almond extract or cinnamon waste into polyester, recycled polyester, or nylon chips.

The bluesign® certification helps OHMME minimize risks to customers and the environment because it guarantees the application of sustainable ingredients in a clean process.

Distinctive apparel engineered for ultimate freedom of movement.

OHMME. It’s your move.


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