Meet the Brand

Meet the Brand – Bellum Active – Activewear empowering women to achieve

Bellum’s mission is to inspire women to look, feel and achieve their best and we understand active women. We thrive in creating innovative and premium activewear that enables women to perform.


Bellum provides the perfect balance of strong, technical fabrics that will perform under pressure. Combined with perfectly proportioned and stylish designs, sleek lines and bold, beautiful prints that sculpt and complement the female form.


Bellum produce activewear that empowers women to achieve, on their fitness journey and to ‘Advance with Inner Strength’.


The name ‘BELLUM’ derives from a Latin word that has been absorbed and translated throughout history and within the inspirational expression, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’. This mind over matter philosophy motivates our Bellum motto ‘Advance with Inner Strength’.


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