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Refresh your Routine with a Workout Buddy

Bored of the same old workout routine? Work better with a friend and accountability?

We chatted to PT Chris Pinner about how to refresh your fitness routine with a workout buddy.

Why Find a Workout Buddy?

Whether you consider yourself a solo-act or socialite, a buddy could help:

  • Accountability – How many times have you made a commitment to yourself to workout but then bailed at the last minute? 
  • Enjoyment – How much fun could a workout buddy be?
  • Intensity – How hard do you try?
  • Safety – How much harder could you push with a ‘spotter’?
  • Variety – How many more moves could you learn from, and do, with a workout buddy?

How to Find a Workout Buddy?

Whether you are new to town or already have a circle of friends around you, you can find a workout buddy in different ways:

  • Ask friends – Maybe they want a workout buddy too, or know someone who does.
  • Go to classes – Chances are you have something in common with your classmates, so strike up a conversation and find out.
  • Get social – Use Instagram and other social channels for the very reason they were built; to socialise!
  • Use apps – Try out apps like Whistle, FitmMatch or an approach which works from distance with Strava or Racefully

What Now?

Your choice of workout buddy has to be right for you. You might benefit more from finding someone with a similar goal, style and overall vibe to you. You might want someone very different to you. Your call.

If you would like to talk about your finding a workout buddy, want some accountability or anything fitness related then get in touch!

Chris is the founder of Innerfit, a fitness centred wellness provider with the belief everybody has the right to a unique relationship with fitness which works. For more from Chris, see his Instagram, or email him at [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Refresh your Routine with a Workout Buddy

  1. Chiara says:

    So true! Everything is better with friends, including working out and it makes it much harder to snooze my alarm if I know I’m letting other people down.

  2. Rhi says:

    So true!! Workout buddies get more sessions out of you and can help with structure! X

  3. Mona says:

    Yes! Love a workout buddy to keep you accountable! Best when followed by a big brunch (#Balance)

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